“When we invest in women, we invest in a powerful source of global development.” – Melinda Gates

Empowering women in remote villages across Indonesia with access to financial education, working capital and technology, while working closely with policy-makers to amend regulations for the financial technology industry.

Woman Empowerment

An astounding 70% of the 28 million Indonesians currently living below the poverty line are women. Amartha directs 100% of its loans to educationally and socially disadvantaged women women living in remote regions in an effort to sustainably accelerate poverty alleviation and bridge Indonesia’s inequality gap. Over 60% of Amartha’s women micro-entrepreneurs have not received any education beyond elementary school, and less than 1% hold a degree. Amartha has empowered over 29,000 women with an alternative avenue to create economic value, become active decision-makers in their household and community, and achieve financial inclusion for themselves and their families.

Social & Economy Impact

Amartha conducts randomized evaluations across its active borrower population to isolate and measure the social and economic benefit its financial services. Our Social Accountability Report highlights changes in business performance and household asset ownership for borrowers who have participated with Amartha between one to three years. On average, micro-entrepreneurs have experienced a 41% increase in monthly business earnings one year after receiving a working capital loan from Amartha. Households have also enjoyed a noticeable increase in access to critical goods that improve their mobility, health, education and security after leveraging Amartha’s financial services including working capital loans and financial literacy.

Social Programs

In addition to providing financial services, Amartha has orchestrated various social programs dedicated to improving access to medical services, education and food security for women and their families. During Ramadan, Amartha raised IDR 71 million to distribute Sembako supplies to over 5,750 women. In the villages of Bojong, Jasinga, and Tenjo, Amartha recruited inspirational women leaders to coach 112 members on business management best practices in trade, agriculture and hydroponics. Amartha has also partnered with WeCare.id, CIMSA, HEUP, and Universitas Trisakti to deliver health services including blood & cholesterol tests, cardiac screenings, vision checks and dental examinations to thousands of Amartha members and their families.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Amartha takes great strides to ensure its products are designed to fit the needs of its borrowers. Every quarter, Amartha administers nationwide surveys to its borrowing population to monitor changes in their businesses, net profits, household income and living standards. Our on-site field officers collect the data through Amartha’s Android application and channel the information directly to our main servers so we can access results in real-time. Through continuous monitoring & evaluation, Amartha can now easily observe the shift in financial wealth over time and identify which products are most impactful.

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Bridging Indonesia’s inequality gap through sustainable, impactful investments.


Delivering Financial Excellency

According to the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Indonesia’s financial literacy and inclusion ranks among the lowest in the Asia-Pacific region. As a result,
Amartha has partnered with financial institutions and organizations to design, host and deliver fiscal literacy workshops to women micro-entrepreneurs. In the post-conflict zone of Poso, Sulawesi, Amartha trained women on how to successfully manage their businesses and become vehicles for social, political, and economic change. In Java, Amartha works closely with existing micro-entrepreneurs.