Empowering Micro Businesses to Continue Growing in Indonesia

Financing process

Funds are repaid through reasonable weekly installments based on borrower’s profile and financial capacity. Amartha will facilitate weekly meetings focusing on personal and business fund management education to ensure that borrowers are capable to pay in a timely manner.


Start a group

15-20 women living in close proximities is formed as a group with obligation to participate in workshop to build commitment and group cooperation in case bad credit occurs.


Receive the funds

Borrower ability to request for funds is based on business plan and potential borrower profile which will then be evaluated according to Amartha credit scoring system. It will be displayed in the marketplace upon approval and verbal agreement will be facilitated by Amartha upon receiving the funds.


Attend weekly meetings

Borrowers are obligated to attend weekly meetings facilitated by Amartha which focuses on fund management, how to be discipline, and business growrth strategies.

Borrowers’ Success Story

Connecting these women to easy funding access is our mission so that they can continue to grow their businesses and achieve their dreams.

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