Helping Micro Enterprises in Indonesia Keep Growing

Why Our Borrowers Choose Us?

Affordable Returns

Installments are paid on a weekly basis in an affordable price based on the profile and capacity of each borrower


The borrower can request funding starting from IDR 3 million without any collateral with installment period options of 12 months. All information are stated clearly without any hidden fees and without fines if there is any delay in repayment

Reaching Remote Areas

Amartha reaches remote villages through the role of field officers equipped with mobile phones that has the latest loan data management applications.


Amartha through the field officers provide weekly mentoring about funding management and financial literacy for the borrowers. These officers will also ensure that the borrowers are able to do repayment on time.

Success Stories

It’s truly an honor for Amartha to serve hard working and inspiring entrepreneurs. Connecting them with easy and affordable access to finance is our job so they can keep working and get a step closer to their dreams.

Financing Objectives

Amartha serves financing for micro entrepreneurs who do not have access to conventional banking. Selected partners of Amartha are female entrepreneurs with capital needs ranging from IDR 1.5 million. Amartha financing is channeled to productive business where they live, and currently we serve throughout the country sides in Java.

Here are the business sectors you can fund:


Rumah Tangga





Rumah Tangga




Funding Process

Forming Groups

Form a group of 15-20 people who live nearby. It is mandatory for all members of the group to attend training to build a joint liability’s commitment if one of the members has financial difficulties.

Get financing

The financing proposal is based on the business plan and the profile of the prospective borrower. It will then be evaluated by the credit score system. If approved, the applicant and it’s business plan will be displayed in our marketplace. Once funded, Amartha will facilitate the disbursement and contract.

Weekly Meetings

Every week during the loan period, the borrower is required to attend a group meeting facilitated by Amartha field team. Materials delivered are related to financial management, discipline and how to develop their business.

Membentuk Kelompok

Membentuk kelompok 15-20 orang dengan domisili berdekatan. Selanjutnya, seluruh anggota kelompok wajib mengikuti pelatihan untuk membangun komitmen tanggung renteng jika salah satu anggota mengalami kesulitan pembayaran.

Mendapatkan Pembiayaan

Pengajuan pembiayaan didasari atas rencana usaha dan profil calon peminjam. Selanjutnya akan dievaluasi oleh sistem skor kredit. Setelah disetujui, pengajuan akan ditampilkan di marketplace. Setelah terdanai, Amartha akan memfasilitasi akad.

Pertemuan Mingguan

Setiap minggu selama masa pinjaman, peminjam akan diwajibkan untuk mengikuti pertemuan kelompok yang difasilitasi oleh tim lapangan. Materi yang disampaikan terkait dengan pengelolaan keuangan, kedisiplinan serta bagaimana memajukan usaha mereka.