Cliff is steep,
but i believe
that i can make
it to its top
Ibu Lilis - Mitra Amartha
Success is
for everybody
who never
stops trying
Ibu Nia - Mitra Amartha
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Collaboration Partner

Social Impact

Amartha enables micro entrepreneurs in the villages to be funded by their investors in big cities, through platform, bridging access to finance for thousands of micro businesses who were previously unbanked. Through our business model, we generate prosperity for Indonesia.

Social Accountability

Amartha takes a huge step to ensure that our products are beneficial to borrowers or micro entrepreneurs. This Social Accountability Report is an annual publication that captures the social economic impact from our business activity and intervention programs.

The report is written using a comprehensive method. You will see how great your impact is by collaborating with us.

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How Amartha

Amartha was established as a microfinance cooperation in 2010. With technology and innovation, Amartha has transformed itself to be a financial technology company with peer-to-peer lending business model in 2016.

Cerita Ibu Mitra Amartha

Partnership for

We learned from our experience in operating peer-to-peer lending (P2P) model that our business has not only impacted the economic aspect of our customers, but also the community as a whole. Together we can build partnership among various stakeholders to achieve sustainable living through the balance among the people, planet and prosperity.

Government, international, and multinational organizations (UN-Pulselab Jakarta, DFAT Australia, PT. Unilever Tbk.), academic institutions (Gajah Mada University, Brawijaya University, Melbourne University, Oxford University), civil society organization such as CIMSA and non-profit organization such as Wahana Artha Foundation and NVG Essilor have collaborated with Amartha to deliver impact activities together. With this partnership, we proved that achievement of SDG goals can only be materialized if all stakeholders are collaborating and contributing.

Collaboration with Government

Several collaborations have been established between Amartha and governments that are willing to help women in rural areas. Through these collaborations, Amartha has distributed learning modules and other aids that helped women increase their quality of life. Amartha has been working together with local governments of West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Financial Services Authority.

These modules taught rural women to allocate their money and grow their business wisely. Therefore, these women are expected to promote economic growth.

Collaboration with Multinational Companies

Not only establishing partnership with the non-profit organisations and governments, Amartha also works together with multinational companies. With many supports of multinational companies, Amartha helped rural women through some temathic programs, public facilities, and learning modules. With partners, Amartha has built water sanitation facilities, health-check, and many other activities.

Recently, Amartha worked together with Unilever to develop entrepreneurial skills for rural women. Unilever and Amartha have arranged a series of events called “Rahasia Usaha Lebih Cepat dan Lebih Untung.” This series which consisted of four sessions helps our customers in getting insights, making financial planning, knowing and choosing the distribution channel for their business, and also improving hygiene to their business.

Collaboration with International Organization

Crossing geographical boundaries, Amartha has established several partnerships with international organisations. Organisations that have worked together with Amartha are UNCDP, UN Women, and World Bank. These organisations provided some grants to finance some learning modules and women empowerment programs.

Recently, Amartha has launched a basic financial management training that is being done frequently with UNCDP support. After the training, it is expected that rural women are not only able to manage their personal finance but also their business.

Let’s create
greater social

Amartha welcomes institutions or partners to give social impact through collaboration programs.

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