Modernizing Micro-lending with Technology

What is Peer-to-Peer Lending?


Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is an online lending platform which also serves an alternative investing platform by bridging potential lenders and micro-business owners who require business funds.

Amartha provides easy access for women in rural areas to receive business funds from urban lenders through financial technology so they can start their own business or expand existing business.

We believe an online P2P lending platform will push a more inclusive economic growth, economic equality, and a better chance to increase family welfare.

Lenders’ Benefits

Lenders will have access to credit score profile of potential borrowers for easier risk mitigation before decision making. Repayment is being updated real-time on daily basis. Principle repayment and interest are liquid in nature and cashable anytime.

Borrowers’ Benefits

Amartha reaches out to women micropreneurs at the frontier of distribution channel, the last mile delivery, so that they have the easier access to funding in order to grow their businesses. In the future, shall the borrowers require bigger funding from banks or other financial instituions, their credit history in Amartha is eligible to be a reference.

What Makes Amartha Unique?


Amartha serves micropreneurs in rural areas which are inacessible by financial services. Borrowers are strictly limited to women micropreneurs with funding inquiries starting from Rp1.500.000. All funds are channeled for microbusiness across the nation.

Credit Score Technology with Machine Learning Approach

Potential borrowers selection process is run using credit score algorithm in order to assess borrowers propriety according to business analysis and borrowers personality.

Grade A, A-, to E represents the probability of good credit and the risk of bad credit.

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