“We are all change makers. You have been part of a great transformation this year. Working together, we find ways to innovation solutions for a nation without poverty.”
-Amartha Inspiring Change-

Each day, we build a milestone towards a more inclusive society. We engineer products to deliver digital financial services at the frontier of distribution channel, the last mile delivery.


Inspiring the World

Amartha is proudly supported by DFAT with financial and technical assistance to help broaden the operations and reach more people in need. With support from DFAT, Amartha succeeded able to expand financial literacy curriculum to include entrepreneurship education training, along with increasing training offerings. In total, Amartha was able to reach over 29.000 beneficiaries.


Committed to Creating Social Impact

Amartha is committed to provide transparency and accountability related to our activities as a responsible corporate citizen. Our Social Accountability Report is an annual publication to highlight socio-economic impact resulting from our business activities which consists of business performance highlight, framework of sustainability, and research findings throughout 2018. The metrics in the report are presented using a validated measurement methodology.

Collaborative Movement

In partnership with Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) Indonesia, UN Pulselab Jakarta, and other organizations, Amartha has organized over 66 financial literacy workshops in 2018 with over 29.000 participants in 36 districts across the nation.


Amartha goes to great lengths to ensure that our products are engineered to benefit our lenders and borrowers. Amartha conducts a quarterly nationwide research or survey on borrowers population and environment to monitor their business growth, including nett profit margin, income, and livelihood.


Delivering A Better Funding

According to Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) data, financial literacy and inclusive economy in Indonesia is categorized as the lowest among other Asia-Pacific countries. Amartha partners up with various organizations and funding institutions to design, host, and organize workshops on funding management to women micropreneurs.

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