Trusted partner in connecting you with micro entrepreneurs since 2010, Amartha

Rp 150 milyar

Total loan disbursed


Micro entrepreneurs have been empowered


On time repayment

Opening Access to Social Welfare

Established in 2010, Amartha is a pioneer in fintech peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. Amartha gives you the opportunity to get connected with rural micro-enterprise through lending, getting profitable return, and add social impact to your investment. For your secure investment, we mitigate default risk by joint liability group, life insurance, and credit insurance. You can also monitor all of your funding activities through Amartha’s dynamic dashboard.

Funding in Amartha

Measurable Risk

Amartha has been registered and supervised by OJK (Financial Services Authority of Indonesia, Indonesian: Otoritas Jasa Keuangan / OJK) and uses integrated risk management system, technology, and credit insurance from Jamkrindo

No Deductions

Funds distributed, and accepted by the borrowers will not be deducted with any administration fees. Likewise with the yield you receive.

Competitive Return

Earn 15% per year, with principal and yield returned weekly that can be taken anytime.


All of your funding activities can be easily monitored anytime, via the Amartha dashboard.


Technology-based risk management and financing guarantee by Perusahaan Penjamin Kredit (Credit Guarantee Company)


Your funding gives a significant contribution in improving the welfare of rural communities and realizing an inclusive economy


Starting from as small as IDR 3 million you can fund a micro entrepreneur

Profitable and Liquid

ROI up to 15% per annum and we implemented weekly cash flow so the repayment installment can be withdrawn anytime

Rural Micro-enterprise Funded

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Rumah Tangga

Yanih ingin menambah dua karyawan untuk membantunya mengerjakan usaha kerajinan tikarnya.

Yanih membutuhkan Rp 5.000.000. Maukah Anda membantu orang-orang lain seperti Yanih?


Apsiah ingin membesarkan usaha ternak ikan cupangnya untuk dapat membantu ekonomi keluarga.

Apsiah membutuhkan Rp 3.000.000. Maukah Anda membantu orang-orang lain seperti Apsiah?


Enah ingin mengembangkan usaha kios bakso dan mi ayamnya dengan membuka kios cabang baru.

Enah membutuhkan Rp 4.000.000. Maukah Anda membantu orang-orang lain seperti Enah?

Apa kata investor kami?

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Common Questions

How does Amartha choose a borrower?

We developed a credit scoring system with machine learning approach to assess the feasibility of each borrower.

Is Amartha regulated and overseen by the government?

The financial technology industry has been regulated and overseen by OJK. This rule is written in the POJK Number 77 concerning the Implementation of Loans and Borrowing System with Information Technology applications.

Is there a fee?

There is no cost when you lend to a borrower. However there maybe a fee in transferring between one bank and another when you withdraw your fund from your account at Amartha.