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Start earning weekly passive income by utilizing funding for the preferred micro businesses

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Empowering rural micro businesses, accomplishing better Prosperity for Indonesia

Earn Weekly Passive Income

Earn passive income through earnings in weekly periods. Micro business funding starts from IDR 100.000, get return of investment up to 15% flat per year.

Calculated Risk

Amartha utilize a credit scoring system with machine learning for more accurate measurement of investment risk. Amartha also implements joint liability system and officially licensed and supervised by the The Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK)

Social impact

Amartha provides business funding for micro business development in more than 35,000 villages and contributing fair sharing of benefits through women's empowerment all at once.

Trusted and guaranteed funding through Amartha

Amartha is licensed and supervised by the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK)

Amartha implements a fair sharing of benefits to anticipate and minimize payment failures

Amartha utilizes machine learning that provides accurate and holistic risk profile calculation

Amartha holds 13 years experience of optimizing quick and accurate loan disbursement assisted by >8,000 field officers

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Financial Calculator

Emulate funding and project profitability

Calculate the return that is obtained by making impact investing for micro businesses through Amartha. Forecast the weekly return and calculate the annual compounded return over time. Important to know. Learn how Amartha manages funding risk here

Weekly Return
Annual Return
Total Annual Return over 3 Years

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What do they say about microfinance funding with Amartha

With only 100.000 IDR, Amartha provides return benefits with measurable risks and social impacts

Popular Questions about Microfinance Funding

How can I review the borrower's timely repayments?

Lenders can always review it in the Amartha app under the "portfolio" menu. Find the consistent payment status, the remaining principal balance and the total return per borrower that has been collected. If new funding occurs, you can also find the latest status here.

Why are there failed funding disbursements to the borrower side?

This could be due to the selected borrower withdrawing from the funding application, or, if you fund through a crowdfunding scheme, perhaps the funding target is not met by the specified deadline.

How does Amartha calculate borrower loan risk?

Amartha uses data-driven risk profiling technology for any collected data processing including: demographics, business and family status, funding history and psychometric-emotional assessment.

How many borrowers can I fund?

There is no limit of how many borrowers can be funded. Lenders can directly choose borrowers under the 'marketplace' menu in the Amartha app and make payment settlements for several borrowers at once.