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Towards the Inclusive Economy with Technology

Simplified AI-based solution from Amartha that utilize big data to produce credit engine for better result of business decision making. Connect business with broad markets using Ascore.ai from Amartha now

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Benefits of Credit Decisioning Solutions from Ascore.ai

Provide data insights for better understanding of the market

Provide easy integration for multiple business needs

Provide smarter decision making with simplified artificial intelligence

Provide all-in-one data to enhance business growth

Get these features on Ascore.ai:

  1. Risk Profiling
  2. Enrich insights into your future stakeholders.
  3. Automation
  4. Build a custom credit underwriting process to tailor your needs.
  5. Smart Analytics
  6. A complete monitoring system that brings light to your underwriting process.

Implement Ascore.ai for your business success


Use automation for credit underwriting process, ranging from approval to determining interest rates.


Use the power of artificial intelligence to analyze millions of data and receive more accurate predictive measurements of future trends


Quickly identify and understand your potential customers to develop acquisition strategies

Human Resource

Improve the hiring procedures by conducting extensive background check of potential candidates. Make the right decisions regarding the lending policy of the company as well

Popular Questions about Ascore.ai

What is Ascore?

Ascore is technology company that offers end-to-end credit underwriting solution cover credit scoring, e-KYC, and auto maching learning product.

How can businesses utilize Ascore credit score and e-KYC products into their operations?

Ascore offers SaaS dashboard and a range of integrations options, including APIs and SDKs to make easy for businesses to utilize our products.

What types of businesses can benefit from Ascore.ai services?

Our services are useful for a wide range of businesses, including banks, fintech companies, and other financial institutions. Our products can also benefit businesses in other industries that need to verify customer identities or evaluate creditworthiness